Volunteers Cleaning Park


The Refuge at More Mountain has been owned and operated by the nature nonprofit Clement Waters Retreat since December 2021. For this first year of operations, we are learning so much about what people need. We appreciate the votes of confidence that come as donations.

Your gift will help with one of the following items:


(not including hoped-for volunteer labor)

  • $31.50 – 1 gallon Exterior paint for siding and decks (60 gal needed)

  • $60.58 – ¾” Plywood for replacing sub-floor (needed in 7 areas of concern)

  • $92.77 – Low-flow showerhead/faucet set (4 needed for Jack ‘n Jill suites)

  • $126 – Low-flow shower/bath/faucet set (8 needed for motel suites)

  • $210 – 24 Replacement fire alarms and 9V batteries

  • $500 – Exterior door (4 needed for suites)

  • $1,000 – Exterior double-door (for conference building which doesn’t close/lock currently)

  • $1,177 – Replacement lighting fixtures + bulbs (for 8 motel rooms and 6 dorm rooms to lower monthly electric costs)

  • $1,250 – 2 Replacement tankless on-demand water heaters (for health department compliance in guest kitchen and commercial kitchen)

  • $2,700 – Replacement 54-inch commercial refrigerator

  • $3,600 – Security cameras and DVR/WiFi video recording system

  • $5,676 – Vinyl flooring to cover 1,911 square feet

  • $5,830 – Keypad door locks and smart gateway system

  • $6,000 – Carpet to cover 2,865 square feet


(these have been difficult to consistently pay)

  • $400/mo – Mowing

  • $650/mo – Cleaning

  • $900/mo – Electricity bill (as we optimize lightbulbs, fix wiring and update appliances)

  • $4,626/mo – Contract for Deed payment to the previous owner (as we organize a capital campaign for a zero-debt scenario)


This naturespace exists because of the long-lived partnership of volunteers, supporters, caretakers and nature. Join a compassionate group of movers and shakers who are behind the grounding, healing retreat experiences that happen when people come to the Refuge at More Mountain.