This mountaintop retreat, with its forest walkways and 15-mile mountain vista, is cared for by the nonprofit organization Clement Waters, whose founders first began organizing overnight intensive self-improvement sessions in 2007. The Refuge at More Mountain is mainly cared for by volunteers.

Spending time in this high-up place has brought hundreds of retreat-goers reassurance and empowerment. The picturesque location, first-class caretakers, and dedicated supportive community inspire an unforgettable experience, no matter your reason for encountering the mountaintop.

The space was founded in the late 1970s by a pair of Episcopalian families divinely led to spread the practice of finding abundance in the face of dire realities. In the late 1980s, musician and Franciscan, John Michael Talbot became the caretaker of the place, followed by Episcopal Bishop Jos Tharakan.

Fog and Nature

The Refuge at More Mountain is owned and operated by Clement Waters Retreat, a nonprofit that stewards naturespaces for getaway, renewal and empowerment. Read about nature's proven benefit to human life at ClementWaters.org.